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Longitude and Latitude. New double album by NOHNO, Dean Dennis & Jose Snook.
Available now.

CD1 Longitude
CD2 Latitude

Nohno:Longitude and Latitude


Longitude and Latitude is the third Nohno album from Dean Dennis (Clock DVA, TAGC, Nohno, Sector and Kibuka) and his collaborator & and partner Jose Snook.
Released via Dennis & Snook's own label: Kodama.

This new release is a double album comprising of 21 original recordings with additional remixes by Rod Modell/DeepChord and Andrea Bellucci/Red Sector A.  This latest release expands upon the exploration of memory, place and confabulation, initiated with Nohno’s 2006 debut album: "Metropolis".


Longitude and Latitude is musical travelogue for places visited or imagined. It is an intriguing and beguiling journey during which Dennis and Snook explore place, time and narrative through a diverse range of carefully devised musical works. It is a journey through textures and tapestries of sound guided by the precise command of Dennis ' Bass:  at times holding and shaping the rhythm; on others a funk fueled driver; or providing a melodic framework through which other elements are woven. Fragmented and obscure voice samples populate the music, offering whispers of narratives.

 Longitude (CD1) is more beat driven: stylistically hopping across genres with intricate instrumentation & sound design overlaid across a rhythmic backbone of beats and bass.  This first half of the journey begins with the claustrophobia and smog of a teeming city then sails across storm tossed seas, imagines bygone times in the shade of a Moorish Palace, blows with the wind across dusty plains, strides past a redundant Radar station and hurries through train stations, crowded side streets.


Latitude (CD2) is a slower journey across isolated darkened terrains, along unfamiliar train tracks. It pauses to ponder reflections of neon lights in rain soaked squares or to observe weary workers as they make their way through heavy traffic.  Ducks into shadows on old cobbled streets, halts to eavesdrop on intimate moments, before meandering down a sweeping river to complete the journey with a lullaby for an ancient forest.


CD2 Latitude



DEAN DENNIS' work spans 3 decades: beginning in 1983 with Clock DVA's Advantage album. 1987 saw moments with TAGC before Dean became Clock DVA longest serving member: departing in 1992, but not before leaving a substantial legacy including the albums: Buried Dreams, Transitional Voices, Man Amplified and Digital Soundtracks.


Sector began in 1992 with a desire to explore a fusion of techno, dub, Jazz and Jungle with the albums, Industrial Cosmetics & Macula Orange. Sector’s swan song was in 2001 with the release of the techno album the Yellow Room.


2004 saw the inception of Nohno & the start of a fruitful partnership with Jose Snook.  Nohno's second album Limen features collaborations with legendary Jazz trumpeter Toshinori Kondo.  The side project Kibuka emerged with the need for a more beat driven and antagonistic approach: the 2008 debut Dystopia was a response to the chaos of the Blair/Bush era.


JOSE SNOOK is a visual artist, specialising in photography and also manages arts and heritage projects .


Snook first began working with sound & sample design whilst creating video & video installations in 2001. In 2006 she joined Dean Dennis to form Nohno, and continued this partnership with Kibuka. Snook also has a solo ambient project: Fylgia, but is yet to make a full time album.

Snook's sound installation "A bird in the bush" was exhibited during the 2008 FRED Festival, in Cumbria UK. 

Available in 2 versions.

Personalised collector’s edition
. Edition limited to 55

Glassmastered audio CD’s packaged in a beautiful high quality gatefold sleeve.

Vintage postcard & printed ephemera, selected by us, individually for you. Set of 3 miniart prints, inspired by the music.

All housed in a sublime handmade oversized wallet, printed on heavy weight watercolour paper. Numbered & signed.

Also included is a limited edition fine art photographic print (21x 21cm


Double Album. Glass-mastered audio CD’s packaged in a gatefold sleeve with mini art prints.  Limited to 250 copies


Limited edition prints

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