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Latin Americana - Nohno (Metropolis)
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Walk, don't run - Nohno (Metropolis)
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Train Home - Nohno (Metropolis)
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Metropolis - Nohno (Metropolis)
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Nohno: Metropolis. 2006


Metropolis is Nohno’s debut album, which marked the move away from the beat focused, techno & jazz inspired Sector. Nohno offered the opportunity to experiment and explore a range of musical approaches. Traces of Sector may still be found in tracks such as “Train Home” and “Octopus”: precursors for Kibuka.


The album was heavily influenced by a change in our life: moving away from a busy metropolis to a quieter place.  Our memories and perceptions of life in the city shifted as we embraced new beginnings.


Places, people, atmospheres, sensations and the chaos of city life, in all its peculiar forms, were crystallized into visions and shadowy recollections: evolving into a series of narratives that weave pathways through the metropolis.


Metropolis marks the beginning of an adventure with Jose Snook.


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